Aug 5, 2016

DIY Spinning Wheel Made On a 3D Printer

Peter Kobrin design and 3D printed a spinning wheel for his wife. Spinning wheel was used to make yarn or thread from fiber (like raw wool) which were then woven into fabric. All parts are 3D printed except bearings, hooks and tubing. Parts are made on Prusa I3 in PLA.
It is a great example of how you can use modern technology to recreate a device which was used in centuries past.

He will publish the designs when he is finished with the development.

Jun 29, 2016

Pleurobot Robotic Salamander

Pleurobot is a robotic salamander with 3d printed skeleton that was developed on the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

Look at it move:

Source: Robotic Servant for your 3D Printer Farm developed cloud robotics solution that enables a robotic arm to operate your 3d printer farm. You do not need to know how to program the robot since it uses a webcam and machine learning to figure out triggers and actions it needs to do. You basically show it what to do.
Since it can work non-stop, you can have a small manufacturing robotic cell in your workshop or home. it goes without saying it can operate other machines as well, such as CNCs or laser cutters.

One thing comes to mind: since you can get orders from the web, use a robot to operate your 3d printer, and package the objects, you will just probably need to send them via delivery service. That can probably also be automated... You see where I'm going ...


3D Printable Land Sailer Toy from Thailand

KungRC from Suphanburi,Thailand published a 3D printable land sailing vehicle that is remotely controlled.
He used a 10mm aluminum rods for structure and 100mm roller blade wheels. It is 3d printed on Innoprinter A4 machine.
It looks like a fun toy or an educational project.

Here it is in a video:

All the files to make it can be found at:

Low Cost Fully 3D Printed UAV Developed by Airbus

Thor is a fully 3D printable UAV (unmanned aircraft vehicle) developed by Airbus with production price of some 20000 Euro. The cost could probably go even further down, but it is many times cheaper when compared with simillar drones.
Thor is made of some 50 3D printed parts, two electric motors, and a remote control with some 4 weeks needed for printing and assembly. It weights 25 kg and has some 4 meters in wingspan.
It has some 40 km in range and 18 successful flight missions behind it.

Here is the video presentation (in German):

Source and more info:

Jun 28, 2016

Industrial Size 3D Printed Wind Blade Mold

How big can you go with high-end industrial 3D printers? VERY big! Here is a wind blade mold for research in wind power.
The mold for making the blades is being printed using the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. BAAM is 500 to 1,000 times faster and capable of printing polymer components 10 times larger than today’s industrial additive manufacturing machines. Since the molds will be used to create research blades measuring 13 meters (42 feet) in length, BAAM provides the necessary scale and foundation for this ground-breaking advancement in blade research and manufacturing.


Jun 27, 2016

Kiri:Moto Web Based Slicer for your 3D Printer, Laser Cutter and CNC Machine

Kiri:Moto is a new free web based slicer that can be used for FDM printers, laser cutters and CNC machines.
Kiri:Moto is an extensible, multi-purpose slicing and visualization engine that produces output for:
  • CAM : 3 axis CNC toolpaths
  • FDM : GCode for 3D printers
  • LASER : DXG / SVG cut paths
  • Onshape : Directly Integrated
  • Thingiverse : Thing App

Left menu options:

Here is a more detailed video playlist with all functions presented:

Try it live at:

You can also visit the project wiki for more information at:

Real-time Wireframe 3D Printing Directly from CAD

Researchers at Cornell made a modified 3d printer that prints on-the-fly as the model is developed in a CAD software. It has 6 axis of movement with mist cooling and cutter head to produce wire-frame objects.

Project description:
On-the-Fly Print is a 5DOF modelling and design prototype that allows the user to design 3D models digitally while having a low-fidelity physical model printed in parallel. Our software starts printing features as soon as they are created and updates the physical model as needed. Users can quickly check the design in a real usage context by removing the partial physical print from the printer and replacing it afterwards to continue printing.

Video of the entire process:


Steampunk Style DIY 3D Printer

Someone on SyFyCity Tumblr made a custom steampunk styled 3d printer that looks amazing. Kudos man!

You can see different steampunk styled machine here: