Sep 28, 2016

Prusa Gives Us Multi Material Upgrade with Dual and Quad Extrusion

Josef Prusa gives us a multi material extrusion upgrade for I3 Mk2 which looks great. It can come in dual and quad extrusion versions and will give you advanced options for your I3.

Here is the video presentation:

Final release is expected for shipping by the end of November 2016 and is it available for preorder.

  • 4 material version is $249 or €269 with VAT
  • 2 material version is $199 or €219 with VAT

Prusa homepage:

Hadrian X Robotic Truck That 3D Prints Buildings With Bricks

Australian company "Fastbrick Robotics" developed a robotic truck system that can lay 225 bricks per hour. It's a big 3d printer on wheels that uses robotic crane to build houses.
It is not cement paste extrusion that can be found in other building 3d printers, but it is additive, digital and making BIG 3d objects.
Personally, I'm not even sure that cement paste extrusion is the best way to get commercially viable construction machine for industry wide adoption and application as a standard house building tool.

People like brick.

Here is an interesting video presentation:

Company homepage:

It still needs some human assistance, so some jobs in construction field will be saved. Some. Few. For some time.

Sep 27, 2016

World's Largest 3D Print from ORNL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory made the world's larges 3D print that was recognized by Guinness World Records.

From project description:
Researchers at the MDF have 3D-printed a large-scale trim tool for a Boeing 777X, the world’s largest twin-engine jet airliner. The additively manufactured tool was printed on the Big Area Additive Manufacturing, or BAAM machine over a 30-hour period. The team used a thermoplastic pellet comprised of 80% ABS plastic and 20% carbon fiber from local material supplier

The tool has proven to decrease time, labor, cost and errors associated with traditional manufacturing techniques and increased energy savings in preliminary testing and will undergo further, long term testing.

Here is the time-lapse video of the process and it looks impressive:

ORNL homepage:

Cheap 3D Printable RC Plane

If you own a 3d printed and want to get into RC flying on a low budget, here is a great project that will get you in the air.

Here is a very detailed build guide from design in CAD software to first flight instructions on Instructables:

Sep 26, 2016

Slovenian Makers 3D Printing and CNCing on Solar Power

IRNAS Institute is a Slovenian non-profit organization involved into DIY science projects, education and open source technology development.
They participate in many events and they demonstrated how additive and subtractive machines can be used powered by photovoltaic panels.

Here is their Troublemaker 3D printer in off-grid configuration:

Here is their GoodEnough Hybrid CNC making Aker planters on solar power:

Link to more extensive article and some other cool project by IRNAS:,%20irnas,%20goodenoughcnc/2016/07/05/solar-powered-goodenoughcnc-and-diy-bioscience-at-art-kamp-lent-festival

Reinforcing thin concrete objects with 3d printed mesh

For some DIY projects you need thin concrete or cement walls. They are prone to brake under tension or fall impact.
Instructables user "ucn" from Singapore wanted to make strong thing concrete molded business cards and successfully reinforced them with 3d printed mesh frame. It looks that this technique works great and could be applied to other concrete projects where you need internal reinforcement structure.

Here is a detailed buold guide with prototypes that led to final sucess and strenght testing:

Sep 25, 2016

DIY 3D Printed Compressed Air Tank by CVRA

CVRA (Club Vaudois de Robotique Autonome) is a group of students and engineers passionate about robotics. It is based in Renens, Switzerland. They needed a compressed air tank for their robot project that could hold 4 bar (400kPa) of pressure.
They made several 3d printed prototypes in PLA and were successful in the end with tank holding some 6,5 bar sealed with some acrylic coating.
Interesting experiment, but be aware that pressurizing plastic containers with gas can lead to serious explosion.

Here is the advanced prototype sealed with "Doc Blue" sealant pressure tested under water:

Project homepage with extensive information and progression of development:

Here is the Hackaday post with lot of safety concerns and possible problems with this concept:

Stay safe kids!

Anti-Taser 3D Printed Chainmail

GreekGadgetGuru 3d printed a DIY mail armor and proved that it works well against taser stun baton.

It is also slightly slash and cut resistant ...

We are living in a strange times kids. Just sayin' ...

Makerbot Releases New 3D Printers and Declares the End of Consumer Market

Makerbot released their new 3d printers in some sort of public display of masochism. Why did you do this Makerbot?
The 3d printers are basically just a slight upgrades from previous models with larger print volume. It is aimed at "professional" market. Looks like you guys are mostly just not good enough profitable group for their stuff.

You can see their new stuff here;

Oh yes, they also have a new free slicer: the Makerbot Print

Here is Angus from Maker's Muse with some thoughts I can mostly agree with: